Steve Nash is a Laker


Multiple legitimate sources have confirmed that the Phoenix Suns have sign-and-traded Steve Nash to the L.A. Lakers for numerous picks (a three-year, $25 million deal). A radio show host in Phoenix first reported it:

This is a huge freaking deal and, finally, Trust Fund Jim Buss has decided he wants to make a splash this free agency.

I’m convinced this move — a big deal, to be sure — could be preceding another larger trade to put L.A. in contention for an NBA title in 2012-13. We don’t know who, but the Lakers are never one to be counted out and are great at making stunning moves when no one else expects it.

Just this morning, speculation that Nash would be dressing in purple and gold had all but died with Knicks emerging as a “front runner.” But because Mitch Kupchak is a genius and loves to keep things under wraps, the Lake Show got the point guard they desperately needed last year to run the offense.

If no follow-up trade or move happens, this team is still in incredible shape; Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum can run the pick-and-roll with Nash to gosh damn perfection, and this is easily the most talented team that Nash will have played around his entire career. Both Bynum and Gasol are as good as — if not, better — than Amar’e Stoudemire and about 50 times better than anyone currently under contract in Phoenix.

We’ll get more on this on LSL a little later. For now, enjoy, Lakers fans. Finally, a splash this offseason.