Mitch Kupchak Done Swinging For The Fences


The Lakers had to do something drastic this offseason. That was painfully obvious having seen this team win just one game in nice contests in the second round of the NBA playoffs the last two years combined.

What else is painfully obvious is that the Steve Nash deal was both the beginning and simultaneous end of their drastic moves. We pretty much knew that when Mitch Kupchak traded away the team’s future for the nearing-40-Nash.

Now we’ve got confirmation of that as Kupchak has all but admitted that the team is done trying to “hit a homerun” in player personnel moves. The L.A. Times quotes GM Mitch when he discussed the possibility of making another major move after introducing Nash today.

"“We think we’ve got one this year. So you’re asking if we can do that twice? I’m not quite sure that’s possible.”"

Of course the original mantra was “no major moves”. Then the Nash deal set off fireworks on the 4th of July. So this could be more gamesmanship. Odds are it’s just the brutally honest truth.

The Lakers were on the sideline during the last 48-hours of Dwight Howard drama. Even though there were reports of the Lake Show looking to swoop in and pull off a potential three-team trade to acquire Howard that deal seemed as likely as a Lance Armstrong’s legacy being untainted.

While there is still more work to be done to build a better bench, get Nash a quality backup and improve the team’s perimeter shooting, don’t expect there to be anymore heavy lifting. Jim Buss called his shot and now he’s walking off leaving Kupchak with only pocket change for a shopping spree at the NBA’s free agency swap meet. There is still talent to be found. Just don’t expect any sexy signings or blockbuster deals. The Lakers swung for the fences with Nash. Whether that ball will sail out of the park or fall short at the warning track remains to be seen.