Dwight Howard Changes Tune Again, Willing To Sign Extension With Lakers


Is it really a surprise that Dwight Howard has changed his tune again? Dude really has no clue how this whole leverage thing works. With all but one attractive suitor still standing in the sweepstakes, Howard is reportedly willing to sign an extension with the Lakers should a trade to L.A. actually occur.

As if he had any other choice.

Howard’s inability to make a decision and stick to it has created this entire debacle. That he was seriously trying to dictate terms of where he’d be traded to after choosing to opt-in for the upcoming season was laughable.

That Howard was still unwilling to sign an extension with the Lakers was just plain idiotic.

Hopefully he’s been getter better counseling. Superman II might not want to keep walking the path blazed by Shaq but if he is serious about winning a title or three and raising his profile then teaming with KB24 was the only option.

This was one major obstacle standing in the way of Mitch Kupchak’s second homerun of the offseason. The other road block might just be Andrew Bynum’s willingness to re-up with Cleveland which is where he’s said to be headed in the latest Howard trade rumor.

But before we start making our plans to parade down Figueroa next year let’s first let this play out. The Howard trade talks have had more false starts than a 100-meter dash with Michael J. Fox holing the starting pistol.