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Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Won’t Go Title Chasing At End Of Career


Kobe Bryant has walked right up to the edge of all-time greatness. He’s one NBA title away from equaling Michael Jordan and two away from surpassing His Airness. Even if KB24 were to notch one more ring than MJ there would still be no consensus on who is the greatest baller of all-time.

That’s one debate to which there never will be a definite answer.

Something that we do know for sure is that Bryant won’t spend his final days jumping ship in order to chase titles. If Bryant can’t accomplish his goals as a Laker then that’s just how the final chapter in his storied career will end.

Unlike so many that have come before Bryant, Kobe has no desire to engage in a selfish championship purist beyond his best playing days. He said as much in an interview with Mike Wise of the Washington Post.

"“I’m just going to, like, hold on for dear life? I’m not the type of guy to do that. I’ll give you the great effort, my best effort, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.”"

It’s both refreshing and somewhat depressing at the same time to hear Kobe talk about his final days.

On the glass is half full front we know Bryant has too much pride to whore out his services on the cheap in hopes of hanging another banner. Unless he can do so as a Laker then Kobe won’t be title chasing at all.

On the glass is half empty side of things we are talking about the end. Bryant has already openly discussed playing out his final two contract years before hanging it up. The end is very near and we all know it.

How this book on Kobe will end is yet to be written. We don’t know how the final paragraph will go but we know one thing for sure. Bryant will die trying to get another title or two delivered to the Lake Show.