Matt Barnes Arrested, Faces Felony Charge


Matt Barnes in no longer a Laker and the odds of the UCLA alum getting another season in purple and gold are looking slim. Not that Barnes needed to catch a court case in order to get crossed off of Mitch Kuphcak’s list but for good measure that’s exactly what he did.

Barnes was arrested in the South Bay after reportedly resisting arrest and threatening an officer who approached him regarding an outstanding warrant Barnes has for a traffic violation. That would be a $26,000 misdemeanor for driving without a valid license that is now piggybacked onto a felony assault charge.

After posting a $51,000 bail Barnes did what all innocent parties do these days – take their case to the public via Twitter.

For the most part Barnes’ playing days were done in Los Angeles, at least as a member of the Lakers they were. Now no matter where he might be collecting an NBA check from next season he’ll have to appear in a Torrance court on October 1st.