Video: Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan Have Eerily Similar Highlights


For his entire career, Los Angeles Laker legend-to-be Kobe Bryant has been compared to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The attitude, the work ethic and the at-times flat shot that should never go in included.

Of course, much of this has been due to Kobe Bryant modeling his game — down to the friggin’ shot release — after the great Jordan.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that a video highlighting the similarity in play between the two recently came about. It is shocking, though, even if you saw it coming. Take a gander:

We know, we know: This is creepy.

But it’s to be expected, when you have eerily similar guards with eerily similar talents, eerily similar motivation levels and eerily similar skillsets.

You get gorgeous videos like this.

And it should be noted that both had the same knocks against them at similar stages in their career. Jordan and Bryant both were thought of as ball-hoggers throughout much of their career and both were known to shoot their respective teams out of games (although Kobe has done it quite a bit more often recently, much to our Lakers’ demise).

But both were able to knock down shots with incredibly varying degrees of difficulty, and both were able to adjust their games to become effective into the twilight of their careers.

This could be a result of both being just really damn good 2-guards, but likely, it’s a result of Kobe trying to become Jordan, a respectable goal since Jordan was pretty good in his time, I guess.

Still, a tad creepy. Do you guys wear the same clothes to work, too?

(Oh wait.)