Jalen Rose Should Keep His Secrets To Himself


Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Was it the weight of the guilt or the hunger to be relevant during the NBA offseason that made Jalen Rose offer an A-Rod esque non-admission of trying to purposely injure Kobe Bryant?

Whatever it was Rose’s first mistake was thinking it was a good idea to even flirt with that subject. Has he been sleepwalking through this NFL bounty fiasco? David Stern isn’t going to go on a Goodell witch hunt but why even open that can of worms in the first place?

But that is typical Jalen. Has anyone made more headlines after his career than during it for talking about crap that happened so far in the past Al Bundy was still appearing in new episodes? Come to think of it, Jalen pretty much is the Al Bundy of NBA broadcasters.

Dude rambles on about his time in the league like anyone other than myopic Pacer fans gives two Rik Smits. First he had to rehash an ignorant take on Grant Hill. Now we’ve got anklegate with KB8.

What next? Will Jalen admit to convincing Joe Dumars to pass on Carmelo as part of his master plan to sabotage his way into running his hometown team?

Personally, I’d rather Rose say nothing at all about anything that happened when he was relevant on the court. Now that he’s off it the only thing he’s got going for him is the backing of those four letters that dominate the sports world. Take those letters away and you’ve got? Jalen selling women’s shoes and rambling on about his past glory.

Thanks for sharing, Jalen. The world is a better place now that you’ve come clean about how dirty you truly are. Stay classy.