Chris Paul Prefers To Build A Junior Varsity Dynasty



Hey, I was just as disappointed as Mitch Kupchak that the Lake Show didn’t land Chris Paul. But that was then and this is now.

Then I was of the belief that Paul was as sharp off the court as he is on it. Now I know Paul’s talent in the game of basketball doesn’t reflect his taste of the game itself.

Let me explain.

By now you must have heard about CP3 telling GQ magazine that he preferred the Clippers to the Lakers. I get it. I mean, what is he supposed to say? Then again, all three Clipper fans, two of which are the schizophrenic personalities of Clipper Darrell, would have been butt hurt had he said different.

I get that. What I don’t get is Paul trying to sell us all on his belief that the Clippers had better pieces than the Lakers.


Maybe Paul’s time in New Orleans made him forget that some teams do play for more than regular season glory. In Lakerland only one thing matters: hanging banners.

That team on the other side of Staples has such lofty goals as staying out of the draft lottery, not embarrassing themselves on national TV and keeping Blake Griffin healthy. Oh yeah, winning a playoff game or two is also nice.

Seems Paul would rather build a JV dynasty than a full-fledged one. The type the Lakers have built time and time again. In case Paul didn’t get the memo the Lake Show is all about winning titles…plural. The Clippers are all about…I don’t know…keeping Billy Crystal as a season ticket holder?

Paul has the same fatal flaw most insecure people do who enter pointless relationships. They want so badly to take something hideous and make it beautiful proving to the world they knew something no one else did. Problem is we know how those relationships always end (see Angelina and Billy Bob or any Kardashian).

So good luck with your minor league dynasty, Paul. We know you had no choice in the matter as to which L.A. team you’d be playing for. But that doesn’t mean you have to try and convince Penny Marshall that you like being a Clipper. It was fun and games last season. But now, with some new pieces added to the purple and gold, the pain comes.