Metta World Peace Talks 72 Wins For Lakers


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Here we go again. Any and every time the Lakers assemble a collection of top notch NBA talent the talk of 72 wins begins. More specifically the talk of 73+ wins begins. That’s what it would take to eclipse the seemingly impossible mark for regular season victories set by the infamous 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team.

Of course this time the talk is a little different because it comes from a cat that is quite a bit different.

Leave it to Metta World Peace to start the 72 win talk. As a man that has played for both the Chicago Bulls and legendary coach Phil Jackson, World Peace has to have a real understanding of what it is he’s saying. Then again, we are talking about a man that named himself Metta World Peace.

No matter who started the chatter, the talk needs to end right now!

There is only one goal worth talking about – hanging another banner.

Regular season victories and records mean nothing. Right, Patriots fans?

Let’s not forget about what happened the last time this kind of talk floated around Los Angeles. It ended with us regretting having to root for Karl Malone in Purple and Gold and Gary Payton following Shaq to Miami to finally get his ring.