Dwight Howard Doesn’t Impress James Worthy



If there are two things James Worthy knows it’s the pressures of being a #1 overall draft pick and winning championships for a marquee franchise. So when it comes to critiquing Dwight Howard there is a very real reason why Big Game James isn’t exactly impressed.

In fact Worthy sees the Lakers’ acquisition of Steve Nash as more important to the team’s success than Howard.

"“My favorite move of the summer was Professor Steve Nash.”"

Yep, Worthy glossed Nash as Professor like ol’ boy from the AND 1 tour. Except this Professor has a real chance to win an NBA title if things go according to plan. Let Worthy tell it though and he’ll say exactly what he thinks of the Howard trade.

"“Obviously, he’s a great specimen. I can’t say I’m a huge, big Dwight Howard fan.”"

That hardly even qualifies as a backhanded compliment. Calling Howard a “great specimen” is almost like calling him Kwame Brown. Maybe I’m going too far but you get the idea as Worthy says nothing of DH’s game.

So, what might get Worthy’s praise, you ask? Well, for Worthy he just wants to see Howard keep it simple.

"“Play …and don’t talk a lot.”"