Another Lackluster Lakers Showing In 113-103 Loss To Magic


Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Nothing is going according to plan this season for the Lake Show.

The plan was for the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to push this team to peruse the NBA record for regular season wins en route to a title run. As it stands this team will be battling it out just to be a .500 club that sneaks into the playoffs.

Turns out Mike Brown wasn’t the real problem plaguing this team. Mike D’Antoni’s arrival hasn’t helped the Lakers title chances. Sure, they might be a little more entertaining to watch but they’re still giving uninspired efforts seemingly every other time they take to the court.

Tonight’s surreal 113-103 loss to the Orlando Magic summed up about all we should expect of this team.

At no point were the Lakers ever in control of this contest yet you wouldn’t know it by the matter-of-fact way they went about their business. Almost acting as if the sight of D12 in purple and gold would case the Magic to fold, the Lakers never went after a win instead they simply hoped Orlando would lose.

On the night Howard put up some respectable numbers scoring 21 with 15 rebounds. But that overshadows Howard’s biggest problem – that horrid free throw shooting. Whenever the Lakers are in a close contest the solution is simple. Hack Howard.

Beyond Howard’s struggles from the line the Lakers are lost on defense and seem content to stand around and watch Kobe Bryant on offense.

KB24 also posted an impressive stat line scoring a game high 34 with 7 boards and 5 dimes. But these impressive performances aren’t worth their weight in wins. Kobe is killing it this season. Too bad the Lakers are killing his MVP chances.

Pau Gasol is still an absolute afterthought in D’Antoni’s system. Antawn Jamison continues to get the big minutes over Pau in the 4th quarter.

Making matters worse is the lackluster effort of the Lakers creates career nights for middle of the road players. Aaron Afflalo’s 30 looked all too easy. So too did the three double-doubles the Magic got from their smaller frontline.

The inconsistent nature of this team is inexplicable. There is no championship drive whatsoever. Orlando showed up with something to prove tonight. The Lakers stepped on the court acting as if they had something better to do. The good news is if they keep playing this way they’ll be able to knock off early this season. No way this team makes a title push with efforts like this. At this rate they won’t even be in the playoffs.