Report: Lakers Looking At Available Point Guards


Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Mike D’Antoni might be content to lose until his savior named Steve Nash returns to the lineup. At least that seems to be the prevailing philosophy given how often the head coach references his aging and injured point guard.

Apparently the Lakers’ front office doesn’t share the same belief if you believe the reports of the Lakers actively looking for other available options at point guard.

With both Steves Nash and Blake out for an undetermined amount of time the Lake Show is seeing their season crumble like a Ritz cracker on seat of a Cadillac driven by Shaq. The current crop of point guards on the Lakers’ roster has been unable to produce at a level necessary for a team trying to right its wrongs. Turnovers, sloppy play and a general lack of direction on offense have led to the rumors of other options being explored.

Among the names make the rounds on the rumor mill are Delonte West who was released after proving too problematic for the Dallas Mavericks. Another name out there is veteran free agent Mike James and Jonny Flynn who is currently out of the NBA collecting a paycheck in Australia.

None of those names is going to set the hoops world on fire. In fact adding another new element to this ever-changing equation might have another undesired side effect. But at this point something must be done. The season is slipping away and this team needs help.

Of course in order for the Lakers to add another player someone has got to go. Just who would be the sacrificial lamb for another desperate move has created even more speculation. But that’s a bridge not worth crossing until we arrive. For now let’s just hope that waiting for Nash is all the franchise is content to do while the season goes up in flames.