Dwight Howard Avoids Suspension, Hit With $35,000 Fine


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard’s Baby Bynum moment of madness won’t cost him time off the court. Luckily the Lakers biggest offseason acquisition and disappointment will only be $35,000 lighter in the wallet now that the NBA has handed down its punishment for Howard’s punk play on Kenneth Faried.

Now Howard will contend it was just a “hard foul”. Kobe Bryant didn’t see it that way as he agreed with the decision to eject Howard on the spot.

Have to wonder how Howard would have viewed that same act if it were committed against him.

Clearly the frustration is mounting for D12 as he adjusts to his new hoops life. No longer the man or the second or even third option at times, Howard would appear to be unhappy as a Laker.

If this was truly an isolated incident then it is somewhat understandable. Our emotions get the best of all of us from time to time. The problem is Howard has a habit of committing fouls out of frustration and has gotten away with similar acts though not as blatant.

The real problem, as it was with Bynum, is that it’s a selfish act and something these Lakers cannot afford. With the season nearing its midpoint this team is still below .500 and out of the playoff picture. In order to get this train back on track it’s going to take real focus and determination. Thus far Howard has plenty of question marks surrounding him and his performance as a Laker.