Report: Sacramento Kings Could Be Moving To Seattle


So much for Orange County gaining an NBA franchise. After flirting with the idea of moving the Sacramento Kings to Anaheim there are now reports claiming the Maloof family is in talks to sell their floundering hoops franchise to a group that has designs on bringing the NBA back to Seattle.

As we all know the great sports town that is Seattle lost its NBA franchise the Sonics to Oklahoma City some years ago. All that has happened since is OKC has become one of the most entertaining and most marketable franchises in all of hoops.

If this sale does go through and all is approved then the plan would be to have the Kings settled into their new NBA home by the start of the 2013-14 season. That’s a very fast turnaround considering all the supposed last second solutions that were thrown at the Kings in hopes of keeping them in Sacramento.

Reports also claim that the old Sonics logo and name would be resurrected for the return of the franchise.

For the Lakers this would mean losing a NorCal rival while re-gaining a traditional West Coast rival. Stay tuned. There is more to come on this.