Lakers Too Flawed For Playoff Push


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We’re still waiting. Waiting for the Lakers to find the sense of urgency necessary to salvage something from this lost season. Waiting for the recipe to success to be unearthed by Mike D’Antoni. Waiting for a sense of chemistry to emerge.

We’re waiting for something to appear that never will.

These Los Angeles Lakers have far too many flaws to make a meaningful push for the postseason. Now anything can happen and there is still time left to make a move but after last night’s latest moral defeat coming at the hands of the Miami Heat it is painfully obvious what this team is – fatally flawed.

The turnover problems have remained even though we waited for Steve Nash to come along and correct it. The lack of a presence in the paint remains even though we waited for a healthy Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol to be on the court together. The defensive breakdowns are constant despite weekly rumblings of progress to come.

No progress is being made. The same issues prevail. The same results are piling up even more.

The Miami Heat was a road weary team coming into last night’s swing through Staples. Yet in the clutch it was the Lakers who looked tired. Go ahead and toss the age of this roster into the problem pot as well.

At no point this season have the Lakers strung together a string of games that would indicate they are capable of elevating their play to the level necessary to compete for a playoff spot.  Their play is far too inconsistent. About the only thing you can rely on are all those flaws being on display each night they play.