Kobe Out For The Season?


Two tweets from Dr. Robert Klapper, a guest on ESPN710 indicating the direction of Kobe’s injury.  While he is not Kobe’s direct doctor, he is very familiar with sports injuries and has been accurate with Steve Nash all season long.

It seems that Laker fans have got their wish, but not in the way they wanted to.  The idea of having Kobe sit out the season was predicated on the assumption that he would heal.  Not only would he have time to heal, but he would also have ample strength training and conditioning programs to get ready for the upcoming 2014 season.  The way things are looking, he shouldn’t return for the rest of this season.

Sadly, among the many Laker injuries that have been inflicted onto the team; Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry, Jordan Hill, Pau Gasol, Nick Young, Jodie Meeks, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and prior to the trade, Steve Blake, the total number of games missed is nearly equal to two full seasons for one player.  Even worse, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant, the leaders of the team, haven’t been healing as well given adequate time and therapy to do so.

It’s another eight months until Laker training camp in October 2014.  Hopefully, Kobe won’t be late for his last season as a Laker.