5 Things D’Angelo Russell Can Learn From Kobe Bryant

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D’Angelo Russell seems ecstatic so be the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, and a huge reason for that is he is going to get the chance to learn from one of the best to ever play the guard position.  Russell said that he referred to himself as a “sponge” in his first conversation with Kobe Bryant, as he will be willing to soak up anything Bryant teaches him.  At 19 years old, Russell still has plenty to learn about the game of basketball, even though he has already shown plenty of maturity on and off the court over the last few days, and in his lone year at Ohio State.

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Kobe has often had a reputation of being too hard on rookies, even to the point where he will refuse to talk to them.  However, he has changed, and Julius Randle has often stated that Kobe has helped him through the whole injury process, and has given him tips on how to improve his game.  The best thing that Kobe can give to the Lakers franchise at this point in his career is simply his knowledge, and his experience.  Kobe’s impact on the team doesn’t have to leave with him when he retires, but can stay for the next 10 years.  No other player can benefit more from Kobe’s wisdom than the second overall pick D’Angelo Russell.

Here’s five things D’Angelo Russell can learn from Kobe Bryant:

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