In Defense of Lakers’ Big Man Robert Sacre


Robert Sacre has taken quite a beating online recently. Since the news came out that the Los Angels Lakers are cutting Robert Upshaw, fans have ripped Sacre to shreds.

While these events are related, because Sacre will be occupying the roster spot fans wanted Upshaw to grab, Sacre does not deserve this treatment.

While he may not bring a ton to the court, Sacre is a great candidate for 12th man of the year. He’s never going to be the most exciting player for fans to love, but that’s a good thing.

Upshaw is surrounded by questions about his character and attitude. Sacre is a good Canadian boy who doesn’t upset anyone and just loves to cheer on his teammates. Just look at this guy!

What’s so fun about hating that?

Not only does he not upset anyone, he improves the team’s morale. He’s been described as a good presence in the locker room over the years and nothing seems to make him happier than cheering on his teammates.

On a roster with Kobe Bryant, Nick Young, and a few other interesting cases, that attitude can’t be ignored. Playing in the bright Hollywood lights, the Lakers need a few guys who won’t get caught up in any scandals or make headlines for bonehead decisions.

Sure, Sacre won’t make any all-star teams in his career, and he should never start for a good team, but as the third guy off the bench, Sacre brings enough to the table to deserve his roster spot.

More so, in the event of an injury to anyone higher on the depth chart, the coaching staff has more confidence in Sacre than Upshaw.

Sure, fans might love to hate him and some might think this argument is garbage, but just go watch his highlight video again.

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers need someone to pick up the self esteem of guys after they get screamed at, probably by Kobe. Seeing Sacre make a fool of himself at the end of the bench after a highlight should be able to lift anyone out of the gutter.

With Marcelo Huertas lighting up the preseason, the Lakers could have a lot of those highlights. Sacre should be sitting at the end of the bench, ready to celebrate each one.

With the way the Lakers have played recently, he’s the cheerleader they deserve, not the one they want.

Sometimes it’s just more helpful to have a good locker room presence occupying that 12th spot, instead of a toxic headcase.

The Lakers don’t need any more drama, and Robert Sacre is bland man for the job.

Fans probably hate this idea, but let us know what you think in the comments.

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