When Coach Dave Miller Talks Lakers, Should Fans Listen?


Should fans listen to what Time Warner Cable sports announcer Dave Miller has to say?

Coach Dave Miller is a busy man these days. He hosts a show appropriately named, ‘The Coaches Show’ on TWC Sportsnet for which he earned a 2015 Telly Award, but what he is most known for is Co-Hosting the Lakeshow also on TWC Sportsnet.

Alonside Laker great James ‘Big Game’ Worthy and Southern California sports reporter Chris McGee, Miller has nicely woven himself into the Lake Show fabric as a proven Lakers expert.

On top of all that, Coach Miller is a reporter, a studio analyst, and a major part of every game break report for both the Los Angeles Lakers and Sparks.

If Lakers fans want to know the game, know the team, and be able to talk intelligently about basketball, they had better listen to Coach

When Coach Miller talks, he is extremely engaging and what makes him unique is how he simply explains the fundamentals of basketball as it pertains to the team or an individual player. He tells you what he likes about the player, what he/she does well, and what they can do better.

Coach Miller explains the game through the eyes of the player, which is special. Put simply, Coach Dave Miller has become a fan’s coach, educating them at every step.

Miller has coached on all levels: youth, college and professional. Professionally, he coached the New Orleans Hornets and at the college level he coached at the University of Southern California, the University of Texas and Arizona State University.

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If Lakers fans want to know the game, know the team, and be able to talk intelligently about basketball, they had better listen to Coach.

Another great reason to trust him is because he actually cares about the team and its fans.

The players, when interviewed by Miller, feel very comfortable with him. He gets them; he understands them and he has fun with them. Just check out this fun interview with Nick Young on meeting his fiance’ Iggy Azalea’s parents from Australia for the first time.

Further, he does an excellent job relating to the Lakers players. Hanging out with 20-somethings comes naturally to him it seems. Just this past weekend, Miller played paintball with new Laker additions, D’Angelo Russell and Roy Hibbert.

Lakers fans who follow Coach Miller on Twitter (@coachdavemiller) know that he posts often and that his tweets are entertaining. At times, he tweets out instructional and motivational one-liners from his youth basketball camps: MVP Camp. In addition to tweeting out Miller-isms, he often will engage with fans as well.

On the personal side, Miller graduated with a B.S. in Physical Education from Springfield College in Massachusetts and then went on to earn an MS in Sports Administration from Eastern Kentucky University.

Miller, who is known for his high basketball IQ and even higher energy, told Keith Groller of the “Morning Call” that his “break” into basketball was his “regular appearances as a basketball insider on the ‘Mike and Mike’ radio show,” so it’s interesting to see how far he’s come.

Personally, I have known Dave for about ten years now as our children grew up and went to middle and high school together as well as college; both of our eldest children attended the University of Arizona (Bear Down!). We share our passion for both Los Angeles Lakers and Arizona Wildcats basketball. Any conversation I have ever had with Coach has always been memorable; he’s really fun to talk too, never forgets you, and is warm and friendly.

Coach Miller is a basketball expert, who loves what he does, is a joy to watch, and is full of surprises. (PS: Did you catch the Arizona Wildcats shirt he is wearing?)

Today marks the start of the Lakers’ journey back to glory, so expect frequent, insightful Coach Miller analysis throughout the season!

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