Lakers Release Christmas Day Uniforms


Today, the Los Angeles Lakers have unveiled the uniforms they will be wearing in this year’s Christmas day game.

The NBA stayed away from the t-shirt jerseys it has used in years past (thank god) and used the same font for every team, giving them a nice uniform look.

This year’s colors are more toned down, to the point that the Lakers will be playing in white against the Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas day.

What do you think?

So far on twitter, fans seem to be split on the new design. Some are big fans of the new jersey.

Meanwhile, others are bit more pessimistic on the new look.

The jerseys are certainly different than the usual purple and gold fans adore, but they fit in with the theme the NBA and Adidas have decided for the league to wear on the holiday.

The lack of an appearance from yellow or gold coloring on the jersey seems to be the biggest complaint so far.

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Per NBA:

"This year’s uniforms incorporate primary team colors and cream tones, while player names and numbers are showcased in holiday-style script and detailed with woven rows of stitching. A scarlet NBA seal is also displayed on the back of the jersey as a nod to holiday greeting cards."

The jerseys also come with matching Stance Socks specific to each team.

How does the white and purple look to you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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