Lakers D’Angelo Russell Shows Obvious Frustration with Kobe in Warriors Loss


Nick Young isn’t the only Lakers player who is frustrated with Kobe Bryant and the current state of the Lakers.

After Tuesday night’s beat down by the Golden State Warriors, Lakers’ players were quick to sound off on what they believe is wrong with the organization.

Even the normally happy-go-lucky, Nick Young candidly admitted that the Lakers need to “play as a team,” and that they “can’t let one guy determine everything.” Without actually stating his name, Young was able to fire shots heard around the world at aging superstar Kobe Bryant.

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And when Nick Young is your voice of reason, you know you have a problem.

But the criticism doesn’t stop there, even rookie D’Angelo Russell, who is notoriously even-keel, is beginning to show frustration with Bryant.

After a play in which Russell was required to rotate over and guard two players, because Bryant was slow to do so, Russell showed his displeasure, staring at Kobe then shrugging, with a defiant “What do you want from me,” look across his face.

This play was after Bryant yelled at Russell for not passing him the ball on the offensive end of the floor. Bryant ended the night 1-for-14, a career worst.

Russell’s frustration carried over to his post game interview.

When coach Byron Scott was asked why Russell didn’t play in the game, he answered in classic Scott fashion.

In regards to fourth quarter playing time, Russell responded by saying,

"That would be great. You’re only a rookie once. You get reps now and mess up now. So then next year when you’re not a rookie, you don’t have to worry about making rookie mistakes."

When asked if Russell will be getting more minutes in the future, Scott was again highly critical of his rookie guard.

"That’s up to him. That learning curve is going away. We’ve been playing him minutes. He’s getting minutes and making mistakes. Now is a time I expect and will be more demanding. I’m not going to accept some of the mistakes we’re making, especially the ones that he makes over and over again. That’s up to him"

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Ironically, Scott continues to be harsh with his rookies who don’t know better and are trying to learn, and lenient with his veterans who actually do. Until this changes, the turmoil within the Lakers organization will only continue to grow.