Lakers: Fan Gets On Court to Touch Kobe After Game (Video)


A Lakers fan in D.C. ran on the court after the game to touch Kobe Bryant 

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant are one of the most intense and passionate groups of people in the world, but especially in the sports world. They mimic their hero in Kobe in their passion and how fervently they pursue the thing that they love in the Lakers.

However, one fan watching Kobe in the Lakers take on the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night may have been a little too intense about his love for Bryant and the Lakers. What’s for sure is that he took it a bit too far.

After the Lakers topped the Wizards in a bit of a upset victory, much thanks to a vintage performance from Kobe, the players were shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries. Bryant was embracing Marcin Gortat when a Lakers fan came running out of the stands toward Kobe and began touching his arms before security pulled him away:

Much like when Matt Barnes famously tried to get Kobe to flinch by faking throwing the ball in his face, Bryant didn’t even seem fazed by the fan rushing the court. However, that’s something that could potentially be incredibly dangerous and something that needs to be taken care of.

The NBA is and always has been about the enjoyment of the fans. However, the league has to take player safety in account. On this farewell tour for Kobe, there are going to be handfuls of people in virtually every crowd he’s in front of that want to get one chance just to touch him like this man in D.C. did. That could wind up being a dangerous situation, though, and the league is going to have to ramp up security to prevent another instance like this.

H/T to r/lakers