Lakers: 5 Things Front Office Should Tell Byron Scott

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The Lakers front office is set to meet with Byron Scott and these five things should be on the agenda

Amidst the Los Angeles Lakers continuing to lose games in the 2015-16 NBA season and with the criticism still raining down on Lakers head coach Byron Scott, news broke earlier this week that the front office in Los Angeles plans to meet with Scott when the team returns from their road trip this coming week.

According to the reports about the meeting between the front office and head coach being set, the talk at this convention of Lakers brass will largely center around player development. However, with all of the decisions that Scott has made over the course of this season, perhaps the talks should be a little more expansive.

Scott’s coaching has been questionable from the start of the season. He’s been poor at making adjustments, his choice of rotations has been suspect, and his choice of lineups to finish games has been frustrating. All of this must be addressed by the front office, even if things like having too many veterans on the roster are the fault of the front office.

If Byron is going to be around for the rest of the season, which reports seem to indicate that he will be, then the front office needs to make sure that Scott has his head screwed on right in terms of the organization’s goals for this season. As a result, these are five things that must be discussed with Scott at the upcoming meeting.

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