Lakers: D’Angelo Russell Wants Post-Up Game to Become His ‘Bread and Butter’

Lakers rookie, D’Angelo Russell, showcased a brand new piece of his game Thursday against the New Orleans Pelicans

Coming into the league, Lakers second overall pick, D’Angelo Russell, was known for his pinpoint passing, other worldly vision and sharp shooting from beyond the arc, but in the months since entering the league he’s added another tool to his tool bag: the post up, turn around jumper.

Tuesday night, we caught a glimpse of Andrew Wiggins’ take on Kobe Bryant’s patented fadeaway, so it’s only right that D’Angelo get in on the action as well, seeing that the Black Mamba is actually his teammate.

On multiple occasions, he bullied Norris Cole down into the lane, even converting two and-ones from the elbow.

After the win, Russell revealed that he’s been working hard to perfect this aspect of his game.

Standing nearly 6’5, 195 pounds, if Russell is serious about making this shot his “bread and butter,” it’ll serve as a nightmare for smaller guards to defend for years to come.

Additionally, he went onto mention Kobe’s faith in his post work, which is one of the ultimate compliments you could give a young guard.

However, it was what he said afterwards that should be the brightest sign to Lakers faithful:

Sure, it’s easier to say this when you’re winning games, as the Lakers have won two straight games for only the second time this season, but Russell’s on court play the last two games seems to support this claim.

Instead of being down on himself, holding to the quote that he doesn’t deserve a spot in the starting line up, he’s stepped up his play, and become more aggressive, especially when attacking the rim and getting to the line.

Russell is getting better with each game that passes, so expect a big second half of the season for the Lakers young stud.

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