Mike James takes shots at Steph Curry in favor of Lakers’ LeBron James

Considering how they have both been at the top of their respective games for the better part of the last decade, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’ legacy in the NBA and status in the league today is often contrasted with that of Golden State Warriors sharpshooter and leader Steph Curry.

James has better statistics and a trophy case full of accolades Curry will never obtain, but those who value rings can’t look past Curry winning four in a seven-year stretch. Even after all this time, LeBron defenders like NBA veteran point guard Mike James are still coming out of the woodwork.

James listed James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic, and best buddy Kevin Durant as the five best players in the league. Putting LeBron over Steph in a year where Curry won a championship requires some elaboration, and James was happy to oblige.

“Steph, how he plays and how he gets stuff off, it’s just kinda one-dimensional at times,” the former Brooklyn Nets guard said on the Players Choice podcast. “He’s not the primary ball-handler a lot, and for a point guard that kinda bothers me.” Those are not words you can take back.

Mike James thinks LeBron James is better than Steph Curry.

Like many hypothetical LeBron-Steph arguments, James’ opinion seems to hinge on the notion that LeBron is able to do more things well than Curry. The fact that we’ve never seen Curry replicate his success away from the unstoppable machine Golden State has become weighs on some people.

These two warring factions both have picked up compelling arguments that make their preferred player even more attractive. Curry added another ring on his finger without Durant in the lineup, but James had one of the best offensive seasons of his career at age 37 despite a lack of support.

With the Lakers not likely to compete for a championship in the near future thanks to an alarming lack of depth (despite James being unfathomably effective for his age) and Golden State positioned to repeat, James may need to take another Steph ring on the chin next season.

At this point, Curry and James both have their respective legacies firmly etched in stone. Nothing either party does in the next few years will move them up or down the hypothetical all-time power rankings. Even with that caveat, James is going to remain a loud and proud LeBron stan.