Lakers Offseason: D’Angelo Russell Already Looking Stronger


If you’ve ever worked out, you know that progress pics are a tricky thing to master, but doesn’t it look like Lakers’ guard, D’Angelo Russell, has put on some muscle since the season’s end?

In the month that the Los Angeles Lakers’ season has been over, there have been various reports of the Purple and Gold’s young guys hitting the gym, bright and early in order to get better for next season. Of those players, D’Angelo Russell made the biggest splash when he revealed he’d be training with Magic Johnson this summer.

Now, just a week ago, he also hinted that he’d be working out with basketball trainer, Robbie Haught, for the second straight year, in addition to training with strength coach Tim DiFrancesco of TD Athletes Edge who posted an Instagram video of Russell trapbar deadlifting what looks to be three plates (270 pounds plus whatever the bar may weigh).

Prior to last season starting Russell posted Instagram pictures of himself looking skinny strong, but when season came along he looked more Hornet’s era Chris Paul than any era Andre Iguodala. I mean, just look at the picture above.

dmuscle /

However, recently Josiah Thomas, a high school prospect, posted a picture of himself alongside a shirtless Russell with what looks to be a fuller chest and broader shoulders.

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Yes, he appears to have lost his six pack, but it also seems like Russell’s hard work has been paying off, though it could also be attributed to the natural growth and development of a 20 year old.

Anyone who has ever worked out and recorded their progress knows the struggle of documenting their journey, but from my perspective it looks like he’s put on a few pounds of muscle.

This obviously didn’t happen overnight, as he likely also worked out during the season, but when young players add lean muscle it’s never a bad thing.

Russell showed what he was able to do with his rookie build in the post last season, so just imagine what a few extra pounds will do for him next year.

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Seeing how Jordan Clarkson has been in the gym almost every day this summer per Snapchat, it’ll be interesting to see how he returns come start of the season. The same can be said for Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr.