Beijing Child Should Get That Weak Sauce Out of Jordan Clarkson’s House (Video)

Credit: Los Angeles Lakers (Twitter)
Credit: Los Angeles Lakers (Twitter) /

Jordan Clarkson did a great thing playing basketball with elementary school kids in Beijing, China—until he ruined one of them with a blocked shot

Jordan Clarkson is really getting out there and being active this offseason. The impending restricted free agent from the Los Angeles Lakers has been vocal in the press about wanting to stay in Los Angeles, about his personal life, and has simply been visible in his activities. His latest venture sent him to Beijing, China where he was playing ball with elementary school kids. That sounds lovely right.

One young child in Beijing probably doesn’t think it’s so lovely.

After Jordan Clarkson spent a brief time coaching the youngsters on shooting, he was letting them try to take him one-on-one. When one of the kids tried to do so, the Lakers guard showed absolutely no mercy as he swatted the shot all the way back to the United States:

"Jordan Clarkson celebrated Children’s Day playing basketball with kids from an elementary school in Beijing.— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 31, 2016"

That’s a child, JC! They have a family! Think about the family!

If we’re being honest with ourselves, that’s one of the funniest things you’re going to see today. Plus, there’s nothing like good team chemistry on the Lakers and this is oddly reminiscent of the time that Julius Randle swatted away the shot of another youngster at a basketball camp.

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It’s also worth noting that, right after Jordan Clarkson blocks the kid’s shot, the next child shown in the video gets by the Lakers guard and gets a bucket. So I guess you could say that the young students in Beijing got the last laugh.