Lakers: Kobe Bryant in Ghostbusters NBA Finals Commercial (Video)

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Kobe Bryant looks to save the Lakers and Staples Center from ghosts in a Ghostbusters commercial made for the NBA Finals

Kobe Bryant won’t be returning to Staples Center any longer to suit up for the Los Angeles Lakers anymore. After April 13, 2016, that will never happen again (we have to assume, at least). Kobe is retired and leaving his days with the Lakers behind him, as legendary as they may be.

However, he has donned another suit and uniform and gone to Staples Center for a recent commercial made for the 2016 NBA Finals: a Ghostbusters uniform.

As the upcoming remake Ghostbusters is one of the big sponsors of the Finals, they signed on several NBA players and legends to star in advertisements for the film. The one starring Bryant features him being called from his office into action to save Staples from paranormal activity:

Perhaps my biggest takeaway from this is my sincere hope that Kobe Bryant actually has a picture of a Black Mamba hanging up behind his desk in his office. If that’s not the case, I’m going to be severely disappointed.

That being said, it’s great to see Kobe doing stuff like this even now that his days with the Lakers are over. He seems quite relaxed when he can make jokes about his retirement and simply make this commercial that’s far different from a lot of the ads you’d see Kobe in.

Obviously Kobe not playing basketball in the NBA is him turning over a new leaf in some regard, but you have to wonder if that guard that Bryant has always had up as a competitor is going to be chipped away moving forward and if we’ll get to see a more raw and vulnerable version of the Lakers legend.

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If this Ghostbusters commercial is any indication, we could only be so lucky for that to be the case.