Lakers: D’Angelo Russell Talks Kevin Durant and Next Season


D’Angelo Russell is starting to look like the clear cut leader of the Lakers moving forward

Recently visiting the site of the Los Angeles Lakers’ new UCLA Health Training Center in El Segundo, reporters were able to catch up with one of the team’s young stars.

Of the players in attendance, which included Ivica Zubac, Brandon Ingram, Anthony Brown, Larry Nance Jr. Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, the media keyed in on D’Angelo Russell in addition to Luke Walton and Jeanie Buss.

Simply by watching the quick interview, it is easy to assume that fans will see a much more mature version of the sophomore point guard come next season.

Compared to last season, Russell already seems infinitely more confident in front of the camera when being interview, and that likely correlates to the confidence being placed in him by the front office and his new coaching staff.

When asked about the Golden State Warriors’ acquisition of Kevin Durant, though Russell commended them on their ability to snag a star, he ultimately voiced confidence in his teammates.

"Honestly, I feel like if you just worry about yourself and prepare the best way you can, for yourselves, and prepare for anything like that then you’ll be alright going into that matchup. They’ve done a very successful job bringing a guy like Kevin Durant over there but a lot of guys are going to come out and compete… I mean, good luck to those guys, but … I’m taking my guys any day."

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This is great for fans to hear for two reasons: first, it shows that Russell will try to narrow his focus next season, and second, that he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Russell also went on to point out how he’s not worried about anyone else’s opinions but “winning is the main focus,” shortly before praising Luke Walton and the coaching staff once again.

Ironically, a reporter so aptly finished the interview by asking Russell about his relationship with teammate, Nick Young, to which he awkwardly replied, “Sure, sure,” to every question.

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The more we see of D’Angelo Russell, the more it becomes apparent that LA is grooming him to fill the hole Kobe Bryant left behind. But for now he’ll be able to do so… with a little help from his friends.