Lakers Offseason: Young Core Can’t Wait For Season to Start


The Los Angeles Lakers’ first preseason game is exactly one month away but D’Angelo Russell and his peers cannot wait for the season to begin

D’Angelo Russell‘s first season with the Los Angeles Lakers was rocky from the start. Beginning with immediate hurdles of coach Byron Scott’s game plan and Kobe Bryant‘s farewell tour, things only got tougher for the rookie as the season went on.

In addition to getting moved to the bench mid-season, Russell’s off court scandal with teammate Nick Young added yet another bump in the road. However, finishing the year strong, it became apparent rather quickly that Russell was fully prepared to use his sophomore season to prove his doubters wrong.

Case in point, Summer League. Averaging 21.8 points, 6.3 rebounds and 4 assists in just around 31 minutes of play on a red hot 48 percent from the field, Russell took his first step to making good on his promise from January 8th’s impressive performance against the Sacramento Kings.

Though the Lakers’ Summer League squad was eventually bounced from the tournament in the first round, Russell’s game winner against the Philadelphia 76ers still left fans aching for more. And now, nearly two months later, it appears that we aren’t the only ones.

Seemingly coming to the realization that we are indeed in the dog days of the NBA offseason, D’Angelo Russell posted Green Day lyrics which can loosely be translated to, “Man, season can’t come any quicker.”

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Teammate Larry Nance Jr also seems to share the same sentiment as he tweeted out, “I CANT WAIT!!! I feel healthy and our team is ready to bounce back after last year,” upon being asked if he’s ready for the preseason.

While the team has gone on the record to say that Nance Jr’s Summer League injury wasn’t too serious, it’s good to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as well.

In regards to the excitement the team feels, this should come as no surprise as every member of the young core was seen in the gym immediately after the season’s end.

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With a new coach and rejuvenated spirits aplenty, next season looks like the start of something promising for the Purple and Gold.