Lakers: Byron Scott ‘I Don’t Have A Relationship With D’Angelo’


Former Los Angeles Lakers’ coach was recently hounded by TMZ where he talked about his and D’Angelo Russell’s relationship, or lack thereof

D’Angelo Russell’s rookie season for the Lakers was anything but smooth, and one of the biggest storylines was his confusing relationship with head coach, Byron Scott.

Released at the end of the season, TMZ recently caught up with Scott asking him a series of questions about said relationship.

Goading him into an answer, as TMZ normally does, the reporter asked if it “hurts [him] at all” or if he was upset at the fact that D’Angelo Russell has been taking “subliminal shots” at him ever since his departure from the team.

Scott brushed it off saying, “It doesn’t affect me one way or another. Doesn’t bother me at all. You know, my track records with guards speaks for itself. So I don’t pay it really no attention.”

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In terms of his previous “track record,” Scott is definitely talking about the success of former Rookie of the Years, Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving. Ironically, however, most likely due to the Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour, he choose a different approach when coaching the young point guard out of Ohio State.

When asked how he’d “describe his relationship with D’Angelo” his answer was simple: “I don’t have a relationship with D’Angelo” and if you watch the video you can tell that this question seemed to provoke him more than the others.

However, it wasn’t all deflections and politically correct answers that Scott stated, he also said the team could possibly make the Playoffs, which is surprising all things considered.

“Time will tell. If they come together as quick as they could, it’s a possibility”

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It would be interesting to hear what he really wanted to say in response to the questions ask but obviously we’ll never know, though the look on his face speaks louder than words ever could.