Los Angeles Lakers: Four takeaways through four games

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 25: Andrew Bogut
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 25: Andrew Bogut /

How have the Los Angeles Lakers fared thus far this season? Here are four takeaways from the Lakers first four games of the season.

Four games in and our Los Angeles Lakers are 2-2. Generally speaking, Ain’ t no Complaints, but from one fan to another, here are four takeaways through four.

We have to take better shots

Head coach Luke Walton touched on this during his post-halftime interview in the October matchup versus the Washington Wizards. Our poor shot selection contributes to our poor defense.

The issue with poor shots is not their likelihood to miss, it is the team dejection that ensues afterward, and the difficulty it creates getting back on defense. Our biggest poor shot culprits are Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle.

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The difference is Clarkson is allowed to take them because he often hits them and is one of our best players, while Julius Randle gets benched for them, which is unfortunate because Julius is also pretty good. Luke seems to be on top of this one, so, hopefully, this issue resolves soon.

Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball should get more playing time together

Off a make or miss, Lonzo is looking to hit a teammate in stride in order get an advantage in the open court. Our only guys who consistently run the floor are Kuzma and Larry Nance Jr., but Nance is somewhat limited if he gets the ball too early.

To fully capitalize on Lonzo’s skill, we have to get our primary break going more often and Kuzma is one of our best players in space. Plus, the Lonzo to Kuzma connection seems to trigger the rest of the team’s energy. We have to play fast to win, and these two are our spark plugs.

We have to close out on shooters in pick and roll situations

In Wednesday’s game versus the Washington Wizards, we gave Jodie Meeks and Bradley Beal far too many open looks, just as we did versus Devin Booker in our first visit to Phoenix to play the Phoenix Suns.

It is fine to sag off of elite guards who are capable of blowing by us for scores before the defense can rotate, but against shooters who are otherwise limited, we have to contest open jump shots, or we won’t win many games.

All is well!

Lonzo’s not shooting well yet. Through four, he seems to be out of rhythm and hesitant to be aggressive. Additionally, our team chemistry isn’t great yet; our guys have not figured out how to space the court together and too often players end up watching one guy try to make a play, leading to bad shots.

Brandon Ingram gets in nice rhythms shooting and has improved his 1 on 1 game, but his consistency will take time. Nonetheless, we’re 2-2 through four games and we actually care to win games! Clarkson is playing well and the team seems to have more confidence than we ever have.

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We have talent all over the court. The little things will take us to the next level. Here’s to a good season and a good effort versus the Toronto Raptors tonight.