Los Angeles Lakers: Charles Barkley invites LeBron James to the TNT Studios for one night!

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James received a special invite from TNT studio analyst, Charles Barkley.

Has anyone noticed with all of the chaos of the Los Angeles Lakers and the total uncertainty (or confidence, let’s go with that) of the direction (or vision, let’s go with that) of the franchise going forward that LeBron James has disappeared from the face of the NBA Earth?

After hanging out with the “Banana Boat” bunch in Brooklyn to welcome Dwyane Wade into retirement, it seems that LeBron James seems to have a lot of time on hands these days.

With the Lakers season ending ceremoniously with Magic Johnson resigning in front of the NBA world and Luke Walton getting shown the door in the same week, one would be burned out from all of the ongoing stories and rumors coming out daily.

Thank God for the Inside the NBA crew, especially Charles Barkley, who can always stir the NBA pot.

Charles Barkley, on the first night back into the TNT studios after covering the NCAA tournament, gave an official invitation to LeBron James to come to the studios and hang out with the crew.


Now, this is something for Vegas to bet on. We can start right here in the comment section or on my Twitter page @SPORTWORLDORDER.

Will LeBron James take Charles Barkley up on his offer? I’ll start with my vote right now. Nope. No way, no how, no further discussion.

But, if I am wrong, I will man up, get Shaquille O’Neal‘s Icy Hot and admit I am wrong. But LeBron James did actually answer Charles Barkley’s invitation on social media.

After Ernie Johnson and the TNT crew adjusted the seating arrangements in preparation for the King to show up, the panel really was wondering about the “ton” of things that LeBron had to do this offseason.

That is, besides selecting the next Lakers Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations.


Now, believe it or not, this is not the first time that Charles Barkley asked LeBron James to come to the studio. He actually started this before the season even ended.

First, the discussion was about LeBron James minutes restriction (aka load management) and resting him on back to back nights. After wondering why his minutes would be cut considering all of the rest he would be getting this offseason, Charles gave LeBron his personal plea.

He was supposed to come the first week of the playoffs. Most NBA fans probably missed the first invitation because Inside the NBA does stay on quite late.

A word of advice for TV analysts that want to chime in on the crew’s in-depth conversations, you might want to have some heart because the panel will say anything!

I’m always honest in my pieces and this one will be no different. I am a Charles Barkley fan. He is one of the few NBA analysts that I respect and take seriously. On my Twitter page, you will find a picture of the two of us at a conference in New Orleans. He is very personable as he took pictures and signed autographs. So if you think I’m biased, I can respect that.

But, LeBron James would shock me if he did show. But he won’t, let’s go into the reasons why.