Lakers Rumors: LeBron James visited Kawhi Leonard in Philadelphia

(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

Is the Lakers star LeBron James recruiting Kawhi Leonard? That’s the latest in Lakers rumors that are floating around.

Recent Los Angeles Lakers rumors involve potential free agency plans, as LeBron James looks like he could be on the recruiting trail.

Kawhi Leonard is now a hero in Toronto, Canada after hitting a game-winning fall-away jump shot to win game seven in the Eastern Conference playoffs in Philadelphia. He will be a free agent this summer.

The Bucks are up 1-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals, so the last thing on Leonard’s mind is where he will be playing next year. To win the championship in 2019 he will have to focus on the task at hand. That didn’t stop Lakers star LeBron James from reaching out it seems.

Stephen A Smith, according to The Fumble and USA Today’s LeBron-wire, during an appearance on ESPN Radio L.A. with Jorge Sedano, that LeBron has been quietly trying to get Kawhi Leonard to come to the Lakers over the Los Angeles Clippers and went to visit him in Philadelphia. That is after he went to Atlanta to watch his oldest son Bronny, Jr. in his first Nike EYBL showcase.

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While on the east coast, and not having any NBA responsibilities at the moment, Bron Bron flew up to Philly if the rumor is correct.

Of course, right after this, Smith spoke about why he thinks LeBron and Kawhi would not be a good fit together in Los Angeles.

Do you think it is because he wants Leonard in New York playing for the Knicks? Hmm.

Listen to this, because Smith is referring to Kevin Durant as a better fit with Kawhi. And even though he says the Clippers are Kawhi’s target but he probably secretly wants him to team up with KD to play in New York for the Knicks.

Smith also is trying to convince Kawhi that he doesn’t want to play with LeBron.

The Raptors are still in the playoffs. so this may be a long shot and the Raptors front office will try hard to keep him.

Adrian Wojnarowski, for what it’s worth, is saying LeBron will end up playing with only his current Lakers teammates. He had a hard time spitting it out but he focused mostly on the current Lakers on the roster.

He thinks the injuries were the issue last season and if the players come back healthy that’s good for the Lakers. He held off and did not say which player may come to play with the Lakers in his opinion.

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The answer is, no one knows. The Lakers have not been lucky getting any interest from players to come to play with LeBron, except for Anthony Davis expressing his desire. Now that AD has Zion Williamson potentially coming to play with him next season, that is a compelling reason to stay. What’s your prediction?