Los Angeles Lakers: Jason Whitlock tells LeBron James to “Sit yo A– down!

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Los Angeles Lakers
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LeBron James joins the lay-up line and starts dunking the basketball! 

Ladies and gentlemen of the fan base of the Los Angeles Lakers jury of internet opinion. I, Ronald Agers, will try to prove that LeBron James did nothing any other father would have done in any  Parks and Recreational basketball game. What’s the difference between LeBron and the other fathers?

He’s a professional basketball player that can jump out of the gym while others shoot lay-ups and miss half of them.

Look, it is no secret that ESPN tends to check in on what LeBron James is doing from time to time. Even the personalities make jokes about it from time to time.

But when LeBron James made an innocent enough decision to join the lay-up line with his son’s team, well the media storm had grown to epic proportions when there is no NBA news on the horizon.


Outside of the wave cap (Inside joke, I think we all know LeBron’s hairline is receding!), I am not seeing an issue here.

It seems that the fans are hyped and I know the kids do not mind. Plus as a bonus, I noticed that Trick daddy’s song “Take it to the house” was playing in the background. It’s a song that is usually played to provide energy to the sports environment.

But is there extra benefits to LeBron James supporting his son at an AAU event? Let’s look at what the professionals think. Marcellus Wiley makes a great point.

For the record, I haven’t dunked a basketball in 20 years. But best believe if I could dunk a basketball with the force of LeBron James in front of my kids, I would do it every chance I could get.

Why? Because my kids think it’s cool. But you know the game hasn’t started yet right?