LeBron James: Former No. 1 picks who were his teammates in his career

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Dwight Howard’s signing a week ago was the story of the NBA for a few days. The debate over how long he’ll be LeBron James’ teammate started soon after. If it’s short, he will last longer than somebody on this list. Lake Show Life takes a look at all of the No.1 picks that have played with LeBron James.

With the NBA stories grinding to a halt, who thought that an unlikely reunion between Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers would be the topic of discussion for an entire week?

When the Memphis Grizzlies finally waived Howard and was signed by the Lakers, it seemed that everyone had an opinion that spanned from if he could still play to how long he would last.

Maybe the Lakers got a hold of Lake Show Life’s manual on handling this situation going into this season, or the front office has their own agenda, Howard is fighting for his career. The scenario is so stacked against Dwight Howard, it’s hard to see him making it through the season.

A closer look at his contract looks like he’s almost working for free.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the hazing from two Lakers icons, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant can’t be a boost to Dwight Howard’s self-esteem.

First Shaq forgot who Howard was when TMZ asked about him. Then he forgot how to spell Howard’s name this week in a tweet when Kobe talked about Shaq being in shape and the potential 12 rings they could have won.


If Dwight Howard is able to earn his way onto the opening night roster for the Los Angeles Lakers (Fingers crossed, his and ours!), he along with Anthony Davis will become the seventh and eighth former No. 1 draft picks that LeBron James has played with during his NBA career.

This list does show appreciation to LeBron James, a former No. 1 pick himself back in 2003, to the longevity of his career going into Year 17. It also shows a comparison to the other No.1 picks whose careers did not go as well as LeBron’s storied run.

Meaning, just because a player goes first in the NBA Draft does not mean that it is a guarantee that a long successful career is in the cards. Are you paying attention out there Zion Williamson?

Lake Show Life lays out the list of all of the No. 1 picks LeBron James played with throughout his career.