Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Players Lakers could target in a mid-season trade

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Los Angeles Lakers
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While the season is still in its early stages, it is never too early for the Los Angeles Lakers to ponder making moves to add more talent. Here are a few trades the Lakers could make to improve the squad.

After the failed pursuit of All-NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard, the Los Angeles Lakers quickly moved onto plan B which was filling the roster out with quality depth which would allow them to compete for the Larry O’Brien trophy this year.

The fallout from missing out on Kawhi was negated somewhat when the Lakers signed the likes of Danny Green, Avery Bradley, and Quinn Cook who will help the Lakers hugely with their 3-point shooting.

However, the Lakers roster, as currently constructed, is far from perfect. It is debatable whether a lot of these players would be on the roster had the Lakers gotten Kawhi or if the purple and gold had heard from Kawhi’s camp earlier in the free agency process, allowing for them to pursue other targets.

With the new NBA season in its infant stages, the Lakers will have to stick with the roster they have constructed for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, the roster fires on all cylinders and LeBron James and co. have no problems throughout the season and easily make the playoffs.

While this is the best-case scenario, it is easy to imagine a scenario where the rushed together Lakers squad might struggle due to poor roster fit or declining skill sets.

Here are three trades the Los Angeles Lakers could make during the season that could elevate their chances of making a deep playoff run.