Los Angeles Lakers named a team who should pursue trade for Andre Iguodala

Bleacher Report recently listed one player that each team in the NBA should be pursuing. For the Los Angeles Lakers, that is Andre Iguodala.

Since Andre Iguodala was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, there has been a lot of speculation about what his status would be for this season. Early on with some links to Rob Pelinka, it looked like the Los Angeles Lakers would be the likely buyout candidate.

However, with it already being November, Iguodala hasn’t played a minute of basketball for the Grizzlies this season, and that doesn’t appear like it will be happening anytime soon. The Grizzlies seem to want to wait until the February deadline to move Iguodala, whether that be via a trade or buyout.

Since Iguodala is making a good amount of money as a veteran player, that is likely a main reason why the buyout hasn’t occurred already.

In a recent article by Bleacher Report, they named one player that each team should be going after. For the Lakers, it was none other than Iguodala.

This should come as no surprise for the Lakers, but was surprising was how many other teams were listed as a team that could go after Iguodala. As a player that closed out games on a loaded Warriors team last season, Iguodala could help a lot of teams this season.

For that reason, the Grizzlies are likely holding out that one team will be willing to part with a valuable trade asset in order to get Iguodala before a buyout. Due to the trade with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis, the Lakers likely wouldn’t be a team that would be trading for Iguodala. They would much rather get him as a buyout candidate, but with the team doing so well, another team in the West could step in to try and prevent that.

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While we will likely have to wait and see what happens with Iguodala until February, the Lakers will certainly be a team interested in him. However, one injury between now and then could result in a team looking to acquire Iguodala via a trade.

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