Lakers Rumors: Darren Collison considers a return to Lakers or Clippers

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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors
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With Darren Collison’s time table set for after the trade deadline, it does give the Lakers some hope.

Fixing up the financial situation for Collison’s potential comeback will take some work. The Lakers’ front office is working behind the scenes to improve the roster via the trade deadline and March 1 buyout deadline.

The trade route is highly unlikely considering their current contracts and the lack of production from their investment. Place your bets on the buyout market as the Lakers try to grab pieces for the playoff run.

Let’s just say that nothing happens on the Lakers front and they acquire NO players. Bobby Marks of ESPN lays out the mission for the Lakers.

That Disabled Player Exception was granted to the Lakers thanks to the injury of DeMarcus Cousins, who blew his knee out in August. The exception is the push that Lakers have to financially woo Collison.

The money is not prorated and allows the Lakers to offer more money than the Clippers if they don’t make any sudden moves to open cap space. This is one of the main reasons (Along with his close relationship with AD!) the Lakers won’t waive Cousins.

Had the Lakers released Cousins immediately after the injury, they wouldn’t have been eligible for the exception. Hence, Boogie’s spot on the team is more than being kind-hearted.

Now, the only way the Lakers can lose the exception waiting on Collison is if Cousins is traded or returns to play this season. Don’t count on it. Realistic trade options are very few at this point.  So just add Cousins to the list of untradeable assets the Lakers have.

However, the team will have to cut someone to use the exception to sign Collison. The motivation, however, is allowing them to almost double whatever the minimum is for any other team for the rest of the season if they free up a roster spot.

Now, who do the Los Angeles Lakers release? It’s getting good now, right?