Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: What players the Lakers can trade realistically

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers rumors are beginning to pop up about who the team could trade for to round out their roster. We take a look at some options that have popped up and the chances they have at happening.

The Lakers rumors will never stop as long as the Los Angeles Lakers are the number one team in Los Angeles. Furthermore, trade rumors always surround a LeBron James team around the NBA trade deadline. Lake Show Life will look at the roster and break down realistically who the Lakers can move. Who will stay and who could go?

With the Los Angeles Lakers sitting at the top of the Western Conference after defeating the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, one would believe that it would be crazy to talk about potential trades to the roster. A couple of things that will bring things back to reality.

Number one, this is the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. Lakers rumors basically drive the NBA news cycle at times during the regular season. Remember last year when they chased Anthony Davis all over the country trying to get him at the midseason trade deadline? After December 15th, the Lakers rumors will be back in full swing, believe that.

Number two, LeBron James plays on this team. Ever heard of him? What LeBron James team does anyone know of that didn’t try to make a trade before the deadline? David Griffin can attest to how hectic it can be trying to constantly improve the team to make championship runs.

With the LA Clippers one game behind the Lakers, without Paul George even suiting up yet, trade conspiracy theories of who the Lakers need to unload to upgrade the roster will pop up. Like it or not, even though the Lakers are in the number one spot, for now, that doesn’t mean that the Laker Nation is not worried (Or that they will admit it!).

The question going forward concerning the Lakers will be, “What will they do next?” What options does Rob Pelinka really have to fill this roster around cornerstones, LeBron James and Anthony Davis? What players could the Lakers use to make a deep run in the playoffs against the best teams in the conference?

Even though the Lakers blew up the “youth movement” mission statement and changed the roster this offseason, there is one player that the team covets. It’s a poorly guarded secret that’s worse than AD’s trade negotiations last year.

The Los Angeles Lakers are all in on Memphis Grizzlies buyout candidate Andre Iguodala. Lake Show Life has been following this since he was traded from the Golden State Warriors.

Outside of the fact that Iguodala brings championship creditably to a locker room that LeBron will respect, the Lakers has few other ways to improve the roster without blowing up the rotation again.

Despite the Lakers’ strong start, that hasn’t stopped fans from demanding trades that makes no sense for certain players that will never come. It hasn’t stopped articles or videos from coming out stating rumors that are not possible.

Lake Show Life is now bringing out a reality guide on who could be traded and the ones that just aren’t going anywhere unless something crazy happens (This is the NBA, after Paul George got traded to the Clippers, nothing could be ruled out!). In the end, Lake Show Life will reveal the two biggest assets the Lakers have.

Let’s be clear here: This is not saying who will be traded! It’s an article about the minimal options the Lakers have and more importantly what players would make another team pick up the phone.