Lakers Rumors: Should Lakers Nation believe these Kyle Kuzma rumors?

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Kyle Kuzma will be in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. Get used to it.

When Lake Show Life reported that the team was listening to offers for Kyle Kuzma, you’d be surprised how the comments section lit up with angry readers.

Read the fine print. Listening to offers is part of Rob Pelinka’s job description. He’s SUPPOSED to field offers. Anything else would be considered lazy. Something could come across that could help the roster.

The only thing is, there are no such offers available at the amount of money that Kuzma makes.

Did you hear Avery Bradley in any of those scenarios? No. So let’s relax on the Kuzma trade conspiracy theories. He’s better than the players on this list and LeBron James still stands by him. That’s is as of this writing. Check back next week. Things could change.

What about Kyle Kuzma’s trainer? Didn’t he talk trash about LeBron?

If you want to read what really went down, please read this.

It makes little to no sense that the Los Angeles Lakers, sitting in first place in the Western Conference with a 29-7 record with a virtually guaranteed victory against the New York Knicks on Tuesday, would want to blow up the chemistry with changes before the trade deadline.

Even at 11.8 points per game, he’s still one of the top bench scorers on the team. His 3-point shooting percentage is on the rise to 34%. Finally, if Kentavious Caldwell-Pope can come out of his slump, so can Kyle Kuzma.

Here’s the bottom line according to The Athletic. Rob Pelinka wants him around.

"There’s another key factor here, too, one that multiple executives polled by The Athletic cited when discussing Kuzma’s situation: Pelinka, who drafted him 27th overall out of Utah in 2017, is widely known to be his biggest backer and is widely expected to be reluctant to move him. There have been many tumultuous times during Pelinka’s Lakers tenure, which began three months before that draft, but Kuzma has been one of his success stories. That kind of personal element can never be forgotten."

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So trust Rob Pelinka and be patient.