Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Team packaging a Kyle Kuzma deal for Robert Covington?

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Lakers Rumors
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Lakers rumors for the next few weeks will center around one player. That player is Kyle Kuzma. Lake Show Life breaks down the newest of the Lakers rumors. Kyle Kuzma being packaged in a deal for Robert Covington. Should Lakers fans believe them? Let’s find out?

It is starting to seem ridiculous that a 31-7 team riding a seven-game winning streak after a Dallas Mavericks beatdown would have drama concerning Lakers rumors. It’s even more mind-numbing discussing reports about a trade concerning a future piece to a franchise. But after covering this team for a while, it’s apparent that this comes with the territory.

Despite the Los Angeles Lakers running roughshod over the competition over the last ten days, the reports that the Los Angeles Lakers making moves before the NBA trade deadline won’t stop. Sadly for Kyle Kuzma, his name will be the only one that keeps coming up.

As the Lakers continue to be swarmed with rumors regarding a possible Kyle Kuzma trade, Lake Show Life will be here to discern what’s realistic and what’s clickbait for likes and retweets on social media.

It is important to remind everyone that it’s more about NBA GM’s wanting Kyle Kuzma on their team as opposed to the Lakers want to be rid of a budding star.

Outside of Danny Green, whose huge contract makes him unattractive in any deal, Kyle Kuzma is the best Lakers asset that is coveted around the NBA. Something that Lake Show Life broke down in detail a month ago.

This is the Kyle Kuzma that the Lakers and the fanbase were depending on this year.

After averaging 18.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists last year, all of his stats have taken a dip with his minutes this year. With injuries costing him his starting spot, Kuzma has struggled with consistency coming off the bench.

In his role as a reserve, Kuzma sports career-lows across the board. After starting 68 out of 70 games last year, Kuzma has started just one prior to the Dallas game due to Anthony Davis‘ injury. This year, Kyle Kuzma has averages of 12.0 points on 42.0 percent shooting.

The latest example of Lakers rumors centers around a potential Kuzma trade deal that includes  DeMarcus Cousins, who hasn’t touched the floor this year and backup point guard Quinn Cook, who has maybe played 15 minutes more this season in an offer for the Minnesota Timberwolves forward Robert Covington.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks makes an effort to explain how in the world the Lakers could pitch a deal to Minnesota.

"The Los Angeles Lakers may reportedly try to build a blockbuster offer surrounding forward Kyle Kuzma in an effort to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves forward Robert Covington ahead of the Feb. 6 NBA trade deadline. ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported Tuesday the Lakers could package Kuzma, Quinn Cook and the injured DeMarcus Cousins as part of its proposal for Covington, but it’s unclear whether that would be enough for Minnesota, which will try to generate a “bidding war” in the coming weeks."

The narrative that will be told with this potential deal for fans the Lakers would be sacrificing a better scorer and younger player for one who is simply a better defender.

Lake Show Life takes a closer look at the deal from both sides and then let you know, realistically, if this deal will go down.