Lakers rumors: 3 reasons Derrick Rose for Alex Caruso wasn’t happening

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Lakers rumors
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Lakers rumors will heat up to the highest levels with the trade deadline less than two days away. Lake Show Life breaks down the Detroit Pistons offering Derrick Rose for Alex Caruso. We have the reasons why Caruso was in no danger of going anywhere. 

First off, before we get to the latest Los Angeles Lakers rumors, Rob Pelinka deserves a huge Lake Show Life shout out and support. He is currently dealing with his busiest week during the season under the worst circumstances possible.

Mr. Pelinka should not have to be thinking about the trade deadline while grieving over the death of possibly his closest friend in Kobe Bryant and his god-daughter, Gianna. This isn’t fair folks. It’s just not fair.

But here we are just a few days away from Thursday, February 6, 2020, at 3:00 EST. The NBA trade deadline and Lakers rumors were already floating around before the tragic accident. Now everyone seemingly is trying to catch back up. Including the Lake Show Life staff.

The funny thing is that the NBA trade deadline is getting closer by the day and the league as a whole hasn’t done much far as player movement is concerned. There are a lot of rumors out there but no action.

The lack of movement will affect the Los Angeles Lakers, who are still looking for a playmaker that can get his own shot to orchestrate the offense when LeBron James is on the bench. They also could use a wing defender that can shoot somewhat. But what NBA team wouldn’t want a 3-and-D player at this point?

For some reason, the Los Angeles Lakers lately always gets attached to a player in Detroit that seems to theoretically solve all of the playmaking issues. His name is Derrick Rose.

Lake Show Life had an in-depth report recently about Derrick Rose possibly being linked in a deal that had to include Kyle Kuzma. It’s hard to sell a fan base in Detroit trading away arguably the best player on the roster this season for anything else, right? There can’t be a report that is attached to Lakers rumors for less.

Fortunately for this Lakers website, Lake Show Life, the lessons of anything can and usually does happen in the NBA has been learned.

It seems that reports did surface that the Pistons did contact the Lakers with a possible deal for Rose. The Lakers said no. That seems right. Kuzma has too much upside at a good price to give up for an aging star on a bad team.

Here lies the rub, the offer didn’t include Kuzma. Okay, the staff will allow some of you Lakers fans to sit down for a minute and take a deep breath. Yes, despite the glaring need for a playmaking point guard, the Lakers seem to have another player they don’t want to let go in a deal for the former NBA MVP in Rose.

The player’s name? Alex Caruso.

It seems that Rose reportedly to the Lakers was not worth a deal that includes a combination of these assets according to

  • Lakers fan-favorite not named Anthony Davis or LeBron James, Alex Caruso.
  • A second-round pick
  • Cash considerations for salary filler. 

ESPN’s Jorge Sedano, who revealed the Lakers turned down the trade during a radio segment on the Mason & Ireland Show.

"“I’ve heard rumblings that the Lakers said no to that,” said Sedano. “I’ve heard that – not confirmed from anyone, I’ve just heard through hushed tones and whispers,” he added."

Don’t you just love Lakers rumors? Hushed tones and whispers with no confirmations. It seems especially strange considering that reports from The Athletic’s James L. Edwards III mentioning a first-round pick was definitely part of the equation, Detroit wouldn’t make a deal like this.

Especially when ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Pistons are in talks with the Phoenix Suns.

Suns Receive: Luke Kennard

Pistons Receive: Jevon Carter, Elie Okobo, and a 1st-Round Pick

With Rose putting up numbers totaling 18 points and six assists in 26 minutes with a skill set the Lakers need comparing to Caruso’s five points in nearly 19 minutes per game seems strange. Even though he’s been a key piece for the Lakers’ second unit with his hustle and defensive acumen, lately Caruso has had major problems at times putting the ball in the basket.

While Derrick Rose is reviving his career with the Detroit Pistons, being linked to the purple and gold makes sense since they are badly in need of an upgrade for Rajon Rondo. But in the end, on the surface, it comes down to this.

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t want the backlash from the fans, even if they will be getting an upgrade in return.

Now let’s discuss the main reasons why.