Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles interested in acquiring Derrick Rose

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Kyle Kuzma can’t stay out of Lakers rumors. Whether it’s directly or indirectly, any move that the Lakers looks at, Kuz will be involved. With Derrick Rose being checked out by some contenders including the Los Angeles Lakers, Lake Show Life checks out if Rose is worth the price of giving up Kyle Kuzma.

The NBA Trade Deadline on February 6th is slowly approaching and I’m sure Kyle Kuzma would like to speed the minutes, hours and days up. Lakers rumors continue to persist because the Lakers need to improve in a couple of areas and grab a needed championship piece. If the Lakers obtain that piece through a trade in the next couple weeks, no NBA GM that can recite the alphabet is doing anything without Kyle Kuzma being involved in the deal.

The first player coveted by the Lakers in the news was Andre Iguodala. Then a couple of weeks back, Darren Collison was in the news after announcing his comeback. Now the new flavor of the week happens to be one of LeBron’s old teammates, Derrick Rose of the Detroit Pistons.

According to Chris B. Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, the Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers are among contenders taking interest in Derrick Rose of the Detroit Pistons. One of those teams happened to be the Los Angeles Clippers, but that did not go past the telephone stage. Right now the discussions are about a “price check” on what the Pistons would want considering the fire sale is coming soon.

For the record, Kyle Kuzma’s name was NOT mentioned in Chris Haynes’ report, but this is Lake Show Life. We are first team common sense. Kyle Kuzma will be involved in a trade to acquire Rose.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this a risky trade for a list of reasons.

  1. Derrick Rose has an infamous past of injury problems with his legs despite the fact he has only missed six games this season.
  2. The Los Angeles Lakers would be letting go and completely wiping out the youth movement by getting rid of yet another young and promising player for a veteran.
  3. Locker room chemistry, which is one of the Lakers greatest strengths, could be compromised. 

To Derrick Rose’s credit, this is a major comeback story of sorts. It is amazing that Rose is starting to gain attention around the NBA contenders based on the fact that Rose spent time out of the league. To be honest, if Tom Thibodeau wasn’t so stuck on getting his former players from Chicago to fill out his roster in Minnesota (Remember, Luol Deng played last year too!), Derrick Rose’s career could have been easily over.

This article would not have meant much earlier in the day. Kyle Kuzma had come off his strongest game of the season against Houston. He filled in admirably for Anthony Davis when he was injured averaging 20 points. Then the question of Kuzma being able to produce with Anthony Davis in the lineup was discussed on “The Jump” on ESPN.

Well the Lakers rumors will get a lot louder after the Lakers laid a huge egg on MLK Day against the Boston Celtics. Anthony Davis returned to the lineup and Kuzma had a sub-par game to say the least.

With a 4-of-12 shooting performance, scoring only 13 points in a 132-107 thrashing on the road will have fans calling to make the trade. But is it really worth it?

Lake Show Life breaks down the latest trade that falls in the realm (Like again!) of Lakers rumors.

Before we get started: This is NOT a trade deal that is going down. It is a in depth look on what the Pistons may want and what the Lakers can realistically give.