Los Angeles Lakers: 3 waive candidates if they upgrade bench via free agency

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Los Angeles Lakers
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3. DeMarcus Cousins

The 6’11” center is the most obvious choice as he is recovering from a torn ACL and he is probable to miss the entire season. DeMarcus Cousins has been kept on the team, despite being on a one-year contract and the injury occurred in the offseason, both as a veteran presence in the locker room and to rehab from the injury. It looks like the Lakers have every intention to bring him back next year and see how he can contribute to the team.

Waiving him would be the most logical move, since they could keep him rehabbing in their facility and then re-sign him next year, giving continuity to his experience in Los Angeles and to his presence on the team.

The challenge comes as it has been recently reported that teams, despite his status, have trade interest in Boogie. If he was waived someone could claim him off waivers in the first three days or offer him later a free agent contract he could find enticing enough to sign.

Apparently, Cousins is happy to be part of this group, while many players have appreciated the way he has contributed to the team, and should be willing to remain part of it. However, economic stability and the promise of a bigger role next year could convince him to take another direction.

If the front office wants to keep things going the way they are with all the current active players, they have to take the risk and hope that the bond and relationships formed in these months are strong enough to keep Boogie in LA for the foreseeable future.