Los Angeles Lakers: 3 waive candidates if they upgrade bench via free agency

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2. Troy Daniels

Troy Daniels has been mostly out of the rotation. Signed from the beginning as a contingency plan in case the Lakers missed on bigger free agent shooters while waiting for Kawhi Leonard‘s “Decision”, he looked to be a solid acquisition but eclipsed by later additions.

His strong performance in training camp created expectations around the six-year veteran. Enthusiasm by his teammates kept growing as he was labeled ‘best shooter on the team’ and the frenzy seemed confirmed by a 15-point performance in Lakers’ first win of the season.

It looked like, despite the presence on the roster of such specialists as Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Quinn Cook, there might be a role for Daniels after all. Unfortunately, it was evidently just an isolated case.

Riding an unimpressive 36.4 percent from three, Troy’s performances got worse and worse and, despite the coaching staff’s trust, he kept sinking. Frank Vogel did not fail to have his back, spending good words and granting him playing time despite the overall unreliability, but over time his minutes constantly decreased, until collecting a handful of DNPs.

Daniel has become an occasional contributor, who has mainly seen the floor when replacing injured teammates.

Of all the active players on the roster, Daniels looks like the most expendable as probably the only one without a definitive role in the rotation. The crowded wing department combined with his poor shooting does not make a strong case for saving him in case someone needs to be sacrificed.