Los Angeles Lakers: 4 possible buyout candidates worth signing

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Los Angeles Lakers
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1. Andre Iguodala

Was there any doubt that this option was going to be number one? The Memphis Grizzlies have been holding Andre Iguodala captive this season since acquiring him from the Golden State Warriors in the offseason. They’re holding out hope that they can trade him for value.

While that may come to fruition, in a weak free-agent market this offseason, it likely won’t. Teams aren’t piling up trades to take back expiring deals and are now looking more towards a loaded 2021 free-agent class. So the Grizzlies likely are hurting themselves and spending money on someone who would probably give money back to leave.

Iguodala would slide in well with the Lakers and would on a minimum deal. He has championship experience and still has good basketball left in him. According to advanced stats last season he graded out with an 113.4 offensive rating and 104.4 defensive rating, good for a +9 net-rating.

He was good on both ends of the floor for the Golden State Warriors. He also proved his worth with a big clutch shot in the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. He would slide in seamlessly with Los Angeles, although his 3-point shot has been shaky, the Lakers have plenty of shooting.

Getting a guy in Iguodala would allow them another long defender. He always grades our above league average on defense. He’s a fundamental player and has been a key piece in the Warriors’ recent run.

He’s not someone who is going to get you 15 points a night anymore, but that’s okay. He should be able to knock down shots with LeBron pinpointing his strength spots. He will shoot 50% from the floor and be another body to throw at guys like Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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If the Grizzlies come to their senses and release Iguodala from captivity, the Lakers should be first on the line. With how LeBron operates, don’t be surprised if Iggy is donning purple and gold by the end of February.