Lakers Rumors: The guy who really broke the J.R.Smith workout story!

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Simple question. Why does J.R. get such a bad rap for the NBA Finals gaffe? This is something that has happened before.

Scoop B. Robinson:

"Because he has a reputation for being silly. It reminded many of his time in New York where they perceived he was silly. On my podcast, Scoop B Radio, his brother Chris Smith, also a former Knicks teammate encapsulated it best when he told me: “I think people got it confused about the hanging out and the partying,” Smith said. “It’s evident in New York everybody hangs out and parties, it’s just the level and the platform of the people that you hang out with. Pictures are being taken and stuff like that so everybody is going to think that you’re always out and if the media portrays you in one way people will take it and run with it so that only leaves people who are not in your life to believe that they are in your life.” J.R. changed that perception when he and Iman Shumpert arrived via trade to Cleveland with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. I’m excited for a potential second act in Los Angeles with the Lakers."

Okay, J.R. will ask why bring up old stuff, but here it goes.

The next year, the Cavaliers sent J.R. Smith away for the season. The media and other “experts” will attach this play to the reason he was banished. The truth is this why Smith was told to leave based on the frustration of J.R. via Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, which you can see with a paid subscription.

Let’s see if the man was blowing smoke. Since J.R. Smith left the Cavaliers, these events have happened.

  1. Tyronn Lue got fired. Eventually he found a safe haven with the Los Angeles Clippers.
  2. Then his replacement, Larry Drew, got fired at the end of the season. By the way, the Cavs were 2-13 when Smith left the team. 
  3. John Beilein has had major issues connecting with the team. Remember that “Thug” incident?
  4. The Cavaliers traded for Andre Drummond for who knows what? Good luck getting him to stay.
  5. Kevin Love is hamstringing the salary cap with an albatross contract.
  6. Tristan Thompson is trying to get off the Titanic franchise as we speak.

The point here is this. J.R. Smith needs to be in a winning culture to be effective.

Where was Dwight Howard playing when his career was on the decline? Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, Brooklyn and Memphis. Check out their record right now. Get the picture? His comeback has a lot to do with the environment and roster.

When there is dysfunction, Smith tends to act out. If the Lakers pay attention to J.R.’s expiration date, they can get some use without long-term damaging effects.