NBA All-Star Game: 4 lessons from Team LeBron victory over Team Giannis

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NBA All-Star game
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The NBA All-Star Game changed its format for this year and it was a rousing success. The game was competitive, everyone was excited and charities got a lot of money to help children in the future. Lake Show Life celebrates the game with Lake Show Life Lessons.

The NBA All-Star game was facing a lot of challenges going into this weekend’s festivities.

First, there was the loss to NBA Commissioner Emeritus, David Stern. If that wasn’t enough, Kobe Bryant left the NBA family about a month ago in a helicopter crash that some are still is trying to come to grips with. As bad as those tragedies were, there was something even more important to address.

The NBA All-Star game had become garbage. It’s true and gives credit to Adam Silver, Chris Paul and the powers that be to at least try something to spice up the game.

The game in Charlotte had to be the last straw. Fortunately, Lake Show Life actually had a writer that lives in the Queen City to check out the festivities up close. The vibe was off, the All-Star game wasn’t good and it was rumored that many weren’t happy with the product.

This year, everyone can sing “Happy days are here again” because it was evident that the suits in the league office actually cared about making the NBA All-Star game fun again. Not only was the game wildly entertaining, but the end result also doubled the excitement. To anyone that was confused (It took Lake Show Life a minute to figure it out!) here are the rules.

  • Team Giannis and Team LeBron will compete to win each of the first three quarters of the game. The winners of the quarter will get $100,000 to donate to the charity of the captains. 
  • Those quarters will be the standard 12 minutes but start with a 0-0 score. During the game, the total score would be tallied as well for the 4th quarter.
  • At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the game clock will be turned off and a final target score will be set based on the leading team’s cumulative score through the first three quarters.
  • That target score will be the leading team’s total score plus 24 points. In this game, the target score was 157 points.
  • If the first or second quarter ends in a tie, the charity money for that quarter will be rolled over to the next quarter. The third quarter ended in a tie, so the charity money will be added to the total for the winner of the game.

Are you lost? Don’t feel bad. All of this will be subject to change next year anyway so don’t stress over it. The bottom line is the 2020 NBA All-Star game was competitive last night for the first time in well over a decade.

Most people expected Team LeBron to beat the brakes off of Team Giannis based on how the rosters were picked, but a few turnovers and fouls by Kyle Lowry and Kemba Walker bailed Team LeBron out. Anthony Davis closed out the game hitting one of two free throws to win the game 157-155.

Kawhi Leonard won the first Kobe Bryant All-Star game MVP award scoring 30 points, grabbing seven rebounds, and collecting four assists and two steals. What got the Klaw the award on this night was his shooting.

He shot 11-of-18 from the floor (8-of-14 from the land of the extra point! One shy of the All-Star game record held by his teammate Paul George (9) in 2016) and made the big plays when his team needed it. His steal to maintain a possession late from Joel Embiid was huge.

When he accepted the award, he showed class by honoring the man the award was named after, Kobe Bryant.

This post-game will be a little different because the game was different. First, let’s break down what happened during the quarters.