NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Dwight Howard honors Kobe Bryant but Aaron Gordon got screwed

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NBA Slam Dunk contest
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Introducing: The real winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Tacko Fall!

Lake Show Life guarantees that Tacko Fall will be out of the G League by the end of the month. The exposure that man got off just being a part of that dunk will get him endorsement deals and make him a millionaire.

This dude is really cool. Lake Show Life did a piece on him in the offseason before the Boston Celtics snatched him up. He already is a crowd favorite in Boston. After this weekend, he’ll be a household name.

But in closing folks, Dwight Howard had no chance at winning this contest. The athletes that are in the NBA now are on a higher level than when he won it back in 2008. But you had best believe that the NBA Slam dunk contest owes Howard a debt of gratitude. At the time, he actually saved the event much like Vince Carter before him.

  • Anyone remember (Or who is mad for the reminder!) the fiasco In 2001 which is known as the worst Slam Dunk Contest in history? The TNT crew talked about using .5 in the scores. This competition was one of the reasons why that practice was stopped. Corey Maggette and eventual champion Desmond Mason were so bad, the NBA thought about stopping the competition altogether.
  • In 2006, Andre Iguodala‘s performance not enough to beat out Nate Robinson. While Robinson’s reputation got him the title (Plus a few more years in the league!) Iguodala deserved the crown that year. The media said Andre was “Nate-Robbed”.

Dwight Howard really brought back the excitement in 2008 with the Superman schtick. Plus at that time he was an athletic freak.

But what he did to put Nate Robinson over the next year with the Krypto-Nate idea showed how much Dwight just wanted to put on a show for the fans. He didn’t have to do that especially being one of the competitors. That was more impressive than the Slam Dunk title.

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